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Journey's of a troubled mind.

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Why do I get so worked up over such small issues. They appear huge at the time, but in reality are nothing. I really wish though, that some things could be erased from my memory. Mainly things to do with my boyfriend. As much as I love him and am happy now, we have had some pretty awful times too. ?I had a go at him today over a photo I saw of him at Glastonbury this year and he had his arms around some girl whom he said he doesn't know and didn't even talk to. He said it's nothing. I do believe him as she wasn't tagged in the photo and doesn't appear in any of the other hundreds of photo's that were taken. But being very hormonal right now, I am not really in the mood for listening to reason. All I want him to say is, 'I love you'. But it wasn't coming and I became really frustrated and got upset. My mind wanders so much, especially with things that involve him, that sometimes my thoughts spiral out of control. :( oh well. I have mailed him an apology. Nothing more I can do right now :(
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A different lunch.

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It's a beautiful day here in London today and I am going to take it easy and read. There isn't a park near here. There is only a cemetary. It's very old and most stones date back to the 1800's. It's a really peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Anyway... I'm going to tuck into my noodles now. Bring on Harry Potter :)
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Well it's time for work and I am really looking forward to my morning coffee. It's been a funny morning and there was a moment that I thought I was going to be horribly late. But luckily for me I think I got the bus just in the nick of time :) so now I am testing out my mobloguk :) I hope it works. X
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1st Aug 2007, 08:36   | tags:,,,,comments (2)