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Passenger jet coming in to land at East Midlands Airport
8th Sep 2012, 08:30   comments (1)

Costa Coffee

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Strensham Services, M5 Northbound
7th Sep 2012, 19:48   | tags:,,,comments (0)

Vintage Rolls-Royce

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Seen in Strensham Services M5 Northbound.
7th Sep 2012, 12:25   | tags:,,comments (2)

Definitely contagious - it's worse than I thought.

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The two yellow lines mean that you cannot park on the road here - so this twonk parks on the footpath instead, completely blocking it.

This is an arterial road heading out of the city where traffic is normally travelling between 35 and 40 mph, and now any pedestrians have to step into the road to avoid this car.

Stupidity is contagious

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Yet another driver who apparently can't grasp the simple idea that the purpose of the footpath is for pedestrians to walk on. The clue is in the name. The road is the piece to the right of shot (this being taken in the UK).

What really winds me up about this is the fact that there is absolutely no need for it. About 15 metres in front of him is a parking bay (you can see two other cars in it) where he could have parked legally and without causing any obstruction. But apparently that was too much trouble.
6th Sep 2012, 09:29   comments (2)

McDonalds inside Asda (Walmart)

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5th Sep 2012, 16:11   | tags:,,comments (4)

Test of Samsung Galaxy at night

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Better definition than I was expecting under the circumstances.
4th Sep 2012, 23:57   | tags:,comments (0)

Welcome to Alexandra Park, Penarth.

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The demands of a bi-lingual society are met by the simple solution of putting "Parc" in front of the name and "Park" after it. Thus in one sentence we have "Parc Alexandra" for the benefit of the Welsh speakers and "Alexandra Park" for the English speakers.