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The Leeds Guide Competition - Your Pictures

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Do you love Leeds as much as we do? Have you got the pictures to prove it?

To launch our new Moblog we're inviting readers to email in their favourite views of the city. We'll be publishing all entries online and printing selected photos in the magazine. The overall winner will win a Leeds Guide goody bag!

For your chance to win and be featured in The Leeds Guide simply email your favourite view of Leeds (high res please, but no larger than 20mb) to with your name and your reasons why you love Leeds.

Your photo will be uploaded instantly to where you can view all other entries. Please include your name in the text but leave out any other personal details and signatures as any text in the body of the email will be published alongside your images.

We'll be accepting entries until 02/12/09 and an overall winner will be picked shortly after.

Our Goody bag currently contains:

1 x Polaroid Pogo Printer 1 x 6 month subscription to Leeds Guide 1 x Moblog Tshirt

For T+Cs visit our about section.

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Picture of Corn Exchange roof

(viewed 509 times)
I thought it looked cool the way the sky goes from lighter to darker

Alex B

Posted by theweightwisecoach14

29th Oct 2009, 17:51   comments (2)

Photo competition

(viewed 787 times)
Leeds Train station is a great place to take photos, it's got a real
buzz at busy times and there are lots opportunities to capture people on
their daily commute.

I usually sit on the platform in the morning reading the free newspaper
while waiting for a connecting train, but I didn't have a paper this
morning, so I used the time to take some panoramic photos using the
camera on my mobile.

I decided to document my commute to work through Leeds train station and
on to Headingley - I think it worked quite well.

Mark Biddle

Posted by moblogm

29th Oct 2009, 10:04   comments (3)

photo submission #5

(viewed 519 times)
Another shot from my Leeds By Night series. The photo series is called Albion Street, as the title suggests, the subject matter is not exclusive to Leeds. These tired feet were taken at the bus stop on Albion Street itself, and seem to capture a strong mood of the end of a night out. Boxfresh trainers, and tired feet.


Posted by theweightwisecoach14

28th Oct 2009, 14:38   comments (4)

photo submission #4

(viewed 536 times)
Cars whizzing past probably incorrectly asssumed that I was setting up some kind of speed trap. This worked in my favour as their brake lights made for some cool ghostly light trails.


Posted by theweightwisecoach14

28th Oct 2009, 14:33   comments (3)

photo submission #3

(viewed 533 times)
I've spent a lot of weekends photographing the night life of Leeds over the past couple of years. This photo captures one of the slightly surreal, more entertaining moments where the camera captures an overview of a situation by being in just the right place. Photos like this don't come along that regularly, but the more time you spend looking for them, the more likely you are to catch one.


Posted by theweightwisecoach14

28th Oct 2009, 14:32   comments (4)

photo submission #2

(viewed 596 times)
Roundhay Park is arguably the best place to sledge in Leeds when the snow falls.
Sometimes a photo works not because of what one person is doing in the frame, but because of what everybody is doing at the same time. This was one of those lucky moments where everything lined up just right, for as far as the eye can see.


Posted by theweightwisecoach14

28th Oct 2009, 14:26   comments (4)

photo submission #1

(viewed 747 times)
A photo of a very familiar face to many Leeds' residents. The bubble man of Briggate.
I had to chase a few bubbles around Briggate, sometimes holding the camera at arms length above my head, other times I was crouching down low to get the right angle.
It took a while before finally getting one just right.


Posted by theweightwisecoach14

28th Oct 2009, 14:25   comments (8)

Christmas German market, Millennium Square

(viewed 1514 times)
Took this shot a couple of years ago. Even though I've moved away from
Leeds now, the approach of winter always reminds me of the good times
I had at the German market - especially the beer tent!

Posted by crickson

25th Oct 2009, 16:18   comments (2)