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Okay, so I had to give up on blogger today. Not to fun :-/. I just needed a quicker way to do things, like on the go I guess. But anyways, to formally introduce myself, my name is Leah Rae Jordan, and I'm sixteen, just trying to do it right... :) and to add, since this is a mobile blog, I'm having to send my post by email... So I'm not really sure how the actual post is going to turn out or look until I get on my virus filled desktop... Oh what fun that shall be..
Well the first post is always the most difficult for me.. Just having to explain everything seems detriminal to my nerves.. Haha. So lets just jump right in...:)))
I just got out of DFCS care, about two weeks ago! And for those of you who are uneducated to this topic, DFCS is a system to place kids in homes that are SUPPOSED to be better than their former living environment. I say supposed to be, well because DFCS is contolled by the state.. And the state has nothing better to do than fuck people over, again and again. This is what I have learned from being under their care for five years... Ignorant assholes. >:( 
BUT, as you can expect, I'm super ecstatic to finally be free from all that burden.. Woot woot. Lets raise the roof:)
So after that being said, I now live in Resaca GA. (in the middle of absolutely no where :p) I am learning to be apart of a stable family again, which is turning out to be kinda difficult, even for me:) but the people are great and I couldn't ask for more! A little name info: Mom: Tonya. Dad: ( I have two.. I'll explain laterrr) Richard and Anthony. Sisters: (in wyoming): Dayna and Shannon. (living in the house with me): Holly and Hannah. (older sister in GA): Angie.
A lot of names eh? Haha sorry. This is another reason why I hate starting a new blog:( 
About the dad thing... Mr. Anthony is the dad in the family I live with... So we just go ahead and claim eachother haha. And Richard is the guy I am talking about when I say DAD. I call Anthony Mr. Anthony.. But my dad lives in wyoming.. Pretty far away. And while I am down here in GA, he urges me to come and live with him.. It's confusing for me though. See I have never actually met him or my sisters Shannon and Dayna in person. Sixteen years of my life have went by without them there. I have always been a GA girl.. I used to live in wyoming with my whole family, but my mom, me, and my sister moved down to GA for some ungodly reason. And I have been here ever since.. My mom left me when I was five years old, and I haven't heard or seen her since then. That's where the state got involved... Although I stayed in touch with my older sister angie quite well over the years, she never really was able to take me as her child, and I never pushed it either. With my mom being gone, I never had any clue where my dad was, and he didn't know where I was in this world either... Sixteen years went by, and suddenly I get a friend request on facebook from a woman named Shannon Moffitt. I knew the last name immediately. I accepted her request, and it opened up a whole new world for me...:) she wanted me to talk to my dad ASAP, and when I finally did, there was a connection that I had never felt before. It was pretty amazing. And before I knew it, he got the address to my fosterhome and was sending down money, a cellphone, and photos of me and him before I left... How crazy! It was all so new to me, I guess I just didn't know how to take it. It scared me more than anything.. It's ironic that something so great would scare me, but that's just how I am, that's how I've always been...
Anyways, that long story judt wore me out. Haha I'm thinking it's time for bed!? Well not before I tell you that I'm going to see my dad in glenrock wyoming for the very first time on wednesday. I'll be there for Father's day! I'm scared shitless :p! But I'll post more about that tomorrow! Night night. 

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