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Nearing the crest of the hill (37). The partner of a voracious and far superior blogger (check my user profile for the link). Owner of a cat who wants to take over the world and move back to Dunstable (her home town), and owner of several goldfish that speak with cockney accents. Wanting to rant and grumble about this and that going on in the world. Wanting to post pics and vids from my mobile from time to time. I just want to be able to express an opinion on topics, if I have one, or maybe reveal a piece of "exciting" information about my life...whatever really.

Feel free to contact, leave comments, etc.

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Another little test perhaps.

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I don't have a subject as such yet. This is more of an experiment to see how the tagging system works using the code on the phone. I was just intrigued and didn't really have anything in particular to write. I'm going to compile my A-Z of 80's music and write a post about it soon. Once I've got my list of songs, I'll put them up.
8th Oct 2007, 01:07   | tags:,,comments (0)

A.C. Flea Market days.

(viewed 1270 times)
One of my pet hates about Animal Crossing is flea market days of which there was one yesterday. If you're not familiar with the game. . .flea markets involve residents in the town selling their things to each other. Sort of like a mass garage sale. Ppl coming to your house will want to buy ANYTHING so it's best IMHO to put away the things you want to keep. For me that's a room full of stuff. . .so I've just spent the last hour or so completing sales and putting all my furniture back. NO MORE FLEA MARKETS PLEASE!

A Momento from last night.

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6th Oct 2007, 16:25   | tags:,comments (0)

The morning after the night before.

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I feel SO knackered today. It was a really good day yesterday but after the lack of sleep the previous night and then staying up till 1.30am this morning, I feel so freaking tired!
6th Oct 2007, 12:29   | tags:,,comments (1)

Strange days.

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Two very surreal events happened yesterday. Firstly, my partner and I met our Ukranian online chat friend who is on holiday here in the UK for a week. Secondly, at the Craig Hill gig we were "outed" as married lesbians and got a round of applause at the end of the show! A day to remember.
6th Oct 2007, 01:35   comments (0)

Nokia 6300 cover.

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I have said phone. I want to preserve its looks for as long as I can. So I bought a hard clear cover for it, but the cover was scratching and had sharp edges. I didn't like it after a while. So yesterday I got the silicone version and I like it. I especially like how its made the keypad feel. Not so good on the navi key, but way better over all to the hard case.

Ugly Betty or The Tudors?

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I'm out tomorrow night to see Craig Hill @ the Old Town Hall, Hemel
Hempstead. I'm really looking forward to it because I've wanted to see him
live for years. But now it has taken away the shine of my Friday night of TV
(not that I'd swap it). Thank God for twin tuning PVR's as I can record both
Ugly Betty (the return!!!!) and The Tudors (my favourite period of history).
Oh, bring on the Friday nights!


TV Tonight.

(viewed 1063 times)
I've just been looking at the EPG on our PVR and was surprised to see Star Trek: Deep Space Nine being shown on the "new" Virgin 1 station. Something to watch at 8pm before BBC2 comedies start. Great!
4th Oct 2007, 19:47   | tags:,,comments (0)