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Some of these photos are the spawn of a loving relationship between an ancient Olympus OM10 and a less ancient scanner.

Others were produced in the modern young person's digital manner.

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Fancy a bite?

(viewed 601 times)
Red Delicious impaled at the Goss Components factory, E17.

Usually it's Ginsters wrappers and Red Bull cans.

Maybe Jamie Oliver has had a word in the Goss Components canteen.
2nd Apr 2005, 22:06   comments (1)

Lost-it translation

(viewed 609 times)
At what point in the sign-making process did no-one say: mate, you don't spell 'lounge' like that?

Or maybe 'loungh' is a new word that I don't know yet?
2nd Apr 2005, 08:19   comments (2)

Oh, and...

(viewed 626 times)
Found it!

Like I said, West Ham coffins available too.
1st Apr 2005, 17:40   comments (3)

Very public convenience

(viewed 736 times)
Hands up everyone who needs a wee after looking at this photo.
1st Apr 2005, 17:35   comments (1)

A dignified exit

(viewed 823 times)
For sale in Walthamstow now! Hurry hurry!

Or you can have a West Ham one if you prefer.
1st Apr 2005, 17:33   comments (6)

Yoda was here

(viewed 586 times)
Meejaboy pictured on Tatooine. I think...
1st Apr 2005, 08:01   comments (0)

Chips for tea

(viewed 598 times)
OK now I'm hungry
1st Apr 2005, 08:00   comments (0)

Bales and wind farm

(viewed 557 times)
Too much work to do today, so thinking of this place and ... relaaaax
1st Apr 2005, 08:00   comments (0)