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Some of these photos are the spawn of a loving relationship between an ancient Olympus OM10 and a less ancient scanner.

Others were produced in the modern young person's digital manner.

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E17 graffiti

(viewed 746 times)
Next to the 212 bus stop on Forest Road
10th Jun 2005, 10:00   comments (0)

Badly spelled E17 graffiti (i)

(viewed 774 times)
10th Jun 2005, 09:56   comments (0)

NYC summer 1990

(viewed 859 times)
Going through some old pics from years ago. I was pretty pleased with
these ones, but I can't find the originals and only have some crappy
low-res scans. Better than nothing. The Exxon Sucks guy was snapped on
an Earth Day demo, in front of the World Trade Centre. Shiver!
30th May 2005, 10:05   comments (1)

Thin white man thrown from bike

(viewed 834 times)
29th May 2005, 18:10   comments (3)

Moorhen foot freak

(viewed 937 times)
One massive foot! Huh, cool.
29th May 2005, 18:09   comments (2)


(viewed 1554 times)
I really must stop biting forks...
29th May 2005, 09:59   comments (9)

Kettle abandoned on bench

(viewed 647 times)
Don't ask me why. I just take the photos.
27th May 2005, 20:09   comments (0)

Camping Centre

(viewed 755 times)
Men gather to be camp outside this shop every day, apparently.
27th May 2005, 20:08   comments (3)