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Some of these photos are the spawn of a loving relationship between an ancient Olympus OM10 and a less ancient scanner.

Others were produced in the modern young person's digital manner.

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Adventures in NYC, summer 1990

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Scanned from even tinier old prints with scuff marks all over them. Can't find these now, either.

I snapped the Exxon Sucks guy on a demo in June 1990, following the 1989
Exxon Valdez disaster

26th Mar 2005, 07:07   comments (4)

Rubbish with attitude

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The guy with the felt tip is a prolific presence in Walthamstow. He is, of course, a very naughty boy, but this one made me laugh...
25th Mar 2005, 13:43   comments (1)

One big bloke, lots of tiny little blokes

(viewed 763 times)
Taken a few months ago in Amsterdam. He spotted me snapping him, so I ran away.
25th Mar 2005, 07:44   comments (6)

Things they enjoy in Leeds

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Snapped during a recent trip up north to mingle with Whiteley and Vorderman.
23rd Mar 2005, 10:18   comments (8)

Been there, run that: Part I

(viewed 542 times)
Oddly masculine Easter bunnies on parade at the Bath half marathon, 20 March.
23rd Mar 2005, 08:30   comments (0)

Been there, run that: Part II

(viewed 738 times)
Lady Muck, half way home
23rd Mar 2005, 08:26   comments (0)

Been there, run that: Part III

(viewed 549 times)
Happy fairy
23rd Mar 2005, 08:25   comments (0)
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