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Some of these photos are the spawn of a loving relationship between an ancient Olympus OM10 and a less ancient scanner.

Others were produced in the modern young person's digital manner.

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Windy Miller

(viewed 627 times)
1st Apr 2005, 07:26   comments (0)

Mmm custard and Scrabble

(viewed 569 times)
... and, er, Star Trek.
31st Mar 2005, 12:01   comments (2)

Seaside roadkill

(viewed 1059 times)
Snapped 100 metres inland in County Wexford.

Was it going for a walk?

(Please note: I was not the driver of the truck, nor do I know the driver of the truck. I stood and waited for the splatter to happen, like a good little snap-happy rubbernecker.)

31st Mar 2005, 11:56   comments (0)

This was not taken today, OK?

(viewed 513 times)
More New York stuff. I'm a bit partial to the place.

This was the view from my hotel window in summer 2001. The picture still gives me the shivers.
30th Mar 2005, 17:11   comments (2)

Shops can multi-task too

(viewed 548 times)
Haircuts, ear piercing... and "express funds"?

Right you are...
30th Mar 2005, 13:31   comments (1)

Your typical E17 garage

(viewed 482 times)
30th Mar 2005, 13:29   comments (0)

Happy Easter, Mobloggers! Oh, er...

(viewed 725 times)
Snapped in Las Vegas at Christmas.

I didn't have a moblog then (I'm a bit behind), so you're getting him at Easter instead. Well, it's the same thing, isn't it? Too much food, all the shops shut, the Queen on the telly.

Fancy some turkey?

27th Mar 2005, 13:21   comments (0)

Monochrome Yanks

(viewed 593 times)
Assorted Americans, snapped in 1990. Scanned from tiny old prints that I can't find any more. *Sulk*
26th Mar 2005, 07:09   comments (0)
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