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Some of these photos are the spawn of a loving relationship between an ancient Olympus OM10 and a less ancient scanner.

Others were produced in the modern young person's digital manner.

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Ben's beer holder

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8th Aug 2005, 22:26   comments (4)

Waterstones, Ludgate Circus

(viewed 2069 times)
29th Jul 2005, 10:12   comments (1)

Red admiral

(viewed 2186 times)
Snapped in my dad's garden at the weekend. Amazing looking thing.

(You don't get many butterflies in E17 gardens. You get airborne plastic bags from Tennessee Fried Chicken, and cat poo.)

My old bedroom

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Showed up at my dad's house for the first time in months. Came over all morose on my childhood turf.

Scottish Spoken Here

(viewed 2212 times)
Up for anything on Chalk Farm Road

Deserted Piccadilly Line

(viewed 27893 times)
Nobody dares venture into Finsbury Park tube any more. They're all round Steve's house.

Edit, added half an hour later: Er, this is the Victoria Line platform. Same principle though, eh?

Beer and Thomas

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Mmm barbie

(viewed 3667 times)
Saturday afternoon in deepest Essex. Bliss.
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