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Sometimes I actually make it to the computer and can play for a while....

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Lucky, lucky

(viewed 747 times)
My husband hit a deer last night and this was ALL the
damage it did to the car!__________________________________________________
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2nd Sep 2006, 13:34   comments (0)


(viewed 840 times)
homemade sourdough bread :)
2nd Sep 2006, 13:32   comments (1)

If you absolutely must paintball the house....

(viewed 1078 times)
please, not pink! *sigh*
19th Aug 2006, 02:19   comments (3)

on the other foot...

(viewed 900 times)
just repainted my toenails yesterday and really like
the color. The rest of the foot, however, is being
naughty. Went to the doctor this morning - result is
a shot full of pain-numbing and steroid meds and an
order to use crutches for the next 3 weeks - joy -
that'll make my parades even more fun! (Stupid
entrapped nerve - *grumble grumble*)
3rd Jul 2006, 18:02   comments (6)

Max the flying dog

(viewed 950 times)
I love the tongue hanging out the side of the mouth
around the tennis ball!
3rd Jul 2006, 17:59   comments (1)

another cake project done

(viewed 847 times)
this one is for our foreign exchange student, who
returns to Slovakia on Thursday.
2nd Jul 2006, 20:10   comments (8)

when powdered sugar explodes

(viewed 906 times)
well, I was making frosting and wanted to take a
picture of the mixer in motion when I bumped the speed
switch up too high, and....*poof* powdered sugar
EVERYWHERE! (the kitchen counter, floor, me, the dog...)
2nd Jul 2006, 14:34   comments (4)

This morning's projects...

(viewed 906 times)
I weeded out my herb garden (finally!) and Jonas fixed
the window in his car. Meanwhile, Max took a nap.
(yeah, yeah, I know...the kitchen needs to be cleaned)
2nd Jul 2006, 01:28   comments (7)
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