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Hello, I'm Jules.

I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"Judge me all you want, but keep the verdict to yourself"

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*cough cough*

Nampak cam tembam jer ek? I looked chubby. I think this pic was taken last year. I'm chubbier now LOL.
15th Jun 2006, 02:52   comments (14)

My gals

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My daughters - Lissa, Aliaa and Sophia.

(I know I told Azhari to forget about saving all the pics in TA and start anew but after browsing through the library, I realised that there are a lot of pics that I don't have anymore especially those taken using my old camphone Nokia 6820 and 6260 so from today until 30th of June will be my SAVE MY OLD PICS DAY hahahaha. Sabar yach?)
15th Jun 2006, 02:29   comments (10)

Hullo there!

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Remember us?

Took this pic during my first visit to Taiping (which probably means the last as well), the lorry carying these cows were parked next to the bus I was in. So it was like a show down between us and the cows, and what else was there for me to do beside snapping their pic? LOL.

Lookie here...and say cheese ya ol cow! LOL

p/s One of the main ingredients in Beehoon Sup (pls refer earlier post entitled My Lunch).
15th Jun 2006, 02:09   comments (4)

Wentworth Miller please marry me!

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The first time I saw him was in Mariah Carey's video "We belong together" but he looked too young in there.

Then the second time, I saw him in the pilot episode of Ghost Whisperer with Jen Love Hewitt.

And finally....I met him again in Prison Break. Gorgeous!

Then I decided, I want to marry him hahahahahahaha.

Trivia: He has one eye that is a different color than the other. His left eye is green while his right eye is hazel

Prison break is on 8TV every monday @10 pm (immediately after Ghost Whisperer).

Sapa tak tengok rugi!!!
14th Jun 2006, 08:11   comments (15)

My Lunch

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I just got back from lunch break. I had this. Apo eh in english? Kureng periksa pulak. Vermicelli in beef soup?

Actually I ate this yesterday at our cafetaria , it was simply delicious that's why I had it for lunch again today haha. The chilli paste was a nice touch, sweet and spicy!

The whitish bits are actually cow's intestine cut into small pieces, I'm not too adventurous so I just pushed them aside.


I'm like that. If I like the taste of a certain food, I will continue eating the same food every day, every week and every month until I feel bored LOL.
14th Jun 2006, 06:09   comments (13)

Skalik lagi test

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(Ooo now i get it..if you put two pics in one email, both will come out in one post unlike TA)

I present to you Sophia and Mak Sophia sedang ngorok (oklah I admit, Oya was really sleeping while I pulok pretending to be sleeping wakakakaka) but don't u think we resemble each other? kan? kan? kan? (while you're at it, check out my new hair colour :P)
14th Jun 2006, 02:36   comments (7)

Lagi nak test

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(please bear with me..i'm still new in MblogUK)

What can I say..I love this pic so recycle jangan tak recycle :P
14th Jun 2006, 02:35   comments (7)

18 tahun ke atas sajork

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Hehehe testing 1, 2, 3.

Laga-laga pipi pulak..hahahaha

Edit: That's me and hubby :)
12th Jun 2006, 07:13   comments (17)
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