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Hello, I'm Jules.

I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"Judge me all you want, but keep the verdict to yourself"

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Waiting for me eh?

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Sorry girls..I'll be out in a jiffy.
23rd Jun 2006, 06:00   comments (13)

Ally & her lollipop

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This is Ally, my 2nd when she was about 3 years old.

Rambut dia dah tak curl lagi. I think she's gonna grow up to be just like me :D Talkative, happy go lucky, pemalu and and sentiasa toleh kiri kanan ketika melintas jalan raya.

At the moment hobby dia ialah masuk rumah orang mintak air sirap.

22nd Jun 2006, 10:46   comments (13)

Testing Yahoo! Go mobile messenger on N70

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This is how it looks like from the other end :D. (Thank you Sn0brina..muahhs!)

From the phone, well it looks like a mini YM of course! hehehe but the cool thing is i can share the pics in the phone with whom I'm chatting with. I shared Oya's pic with Sn0b and that's how she received it (pls refer to pic) And also there's voice message, emoticons and audibles. With 3G the transfer of pic is surprisingly fast!

So now, I'm on the go with Yahoo! Go..LOL. Sah sah chat addict LOL.
22nd Jun 2006, 04:28   comments (22)

Currently reading...

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by the same author of Fight Club which was made into a film.

Edit: Finished reading it last nite 22/06/06. Best gilersss!
21st Jun 2006, 10:08   comments (9)

Old banana leaves

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Voice in my head: Face the fact Jules..no matter how hard you tried you can never work a real camera only camphones.

Me: Ok...dokie...

Voice in my head: And...the tulip feature in your digicam is functioning well..you just don't know how to take a macro shot. admit it!! You said the same thing when trying your sister's camera the other night.

Me: yes..yes..yes..*in between sobs* you are right..you are right..

old and discarded...

21st Jun 2006, 06:23   comments (16)

She's not fierce just feisty

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protecting her 'territory'.

marah Ally dgn Lissa jangan nak enterprem hahahaha.
21st Jun 2006, 05:47   comments (17)

Splashing fun time

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Let's drown the barbies!!!

and oh..not forgetting that colourful my little pony too hehe
20th Jun 2006, 09:28   comments (4)

Where's the tooth fairy?

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19th Jun 2006, 06:45   comments (13)