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Hello, I'm Jules.

I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"Judge me all you want, but keep the verdict to yourself"

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Gals nite out in HRC 1

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Only three of us me, Ezze and Jezze (who came with her bf and his friend). The others who couldn't make it: Only mak-mak budak jer semua hahahaha.

These pics were taken using Jezze's W900i, clear kan? Of course clear, the flash from her camphone blinded me for 10 minutes LOL.

Btw the band playing in HRC that nite suXX!
3rd Jul 2006, 03:13   comments (7)

Gals nite out in HRC 2

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Watching football and catching up with each other haha. I am so not used to staying up late at my age LOL. It was way past my bedtime.

Before we went to HRC, we had dinner at the coffee house, they had german food promotion and I sort of overstuffed myself with various german sausages with unfamiliar names (I can't recall the names at all.but they were all delicious).
3rd Jul 2006, 03:12   comments (9)

Favourite spot haha!

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This was taken in Concorde Hotel ladies right after Germany won over Argentina haha. We watched the game in HRC, meriah sungguh!

Ada awek mana ntah enterprem belakang tu. I don't know who was that girl behind me.
3rd Jul 2006, 02:29   comments (9)

Late supper with the girls

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Went up the hill (UK Perdana) to our fav. indian muslim restaurant called Ali Maju although there are about 3 indian muslim restaurants near where I'm staying but none of them can beat the service and the roti canai in Ali Maju (in my opinion). That's why we were willing to drive 20 mins to get there. Hubby had tosai, Lissa & Ally ate roti canai, Oya with her ABC special and me? well I didnt order anything because I had a very heavy lunch with my colleagues.Then for dessert, we orded fried ice-cream. Yummy! but I could only look. Pity me..huhuhu.
29th Jun 2006, 04:12   comments (12)

The cat from Russia

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Ok..he's not really from Russia but the headgear kinda remind me of a russian soldier in Siberia hehehe ;))

Lookie here..he's (he or she I can't tell really) wearing a t-shirt! This cat belongs to my neighbour. My kids totally went head over heels over him (or her). Lissa snapped these pics using her phone and use the first pic as her wallpaper.

p/s: recycle jgn tak recycle sebelum 1 July.
28th Jun 2006, 03:19   comments (9)

Macam kenal jer tapi dimana yach?

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My dear hubby nak enterprem dgn motor untuk dijual. Previous owner, an expat who's leaving the country. Anyone interested? Boleh gak den dpt komisen hahahaha. ish tabaik Pak Lah tak suka nih.

27th Jun 2006, 05:55   comments (23)

it aint over till this fat lady sings..

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so I went to the beach and I forgot my sunblock.

I was brown but now I'm dark brown. I'm still peeling off my skin as you read this. Three weeks already, but still my skin is itchy *scratches*

Brown peeps need sunblock too.


26th Jun 2006, 09:14   comments (19)

Here's Felix, my kids' cat

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Ally brought him home about two months ago from school. She claimed that Felix followed her into the school van (yeah right..). I don't like cats, the last time we had one named Charlie, I had to get bibik to send him away to sesuatu tempat yang indah because he was making a mess inside the house (when we got Charlie he was already a 'teenage' cat, you know how rebellious teenager can be LOL). Felix is ok, because he is still a kitten so we managed to potty trained him. Up until today, he's clean as a whistle, no incident yet.Sometimes when I don't hear or see him around, I'll get worried and will start searching for him, hmm..does this mean I'm getting fond of him? But..but.. I hate cats???

Note: Lissa took these pics using her N3200, nice eh?
26th Jun 2006, 02:18   comments (14)