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Hello, I'm Jules.

I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"Judge me all you want, but keep the verdict to yourself"

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Sweating it out in RPM class

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RPM - the ultimate calorie buster? I hope so..i need to lose 16.6kg fast!
7th Jul 2006, 02:43   comments (4)


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My first sucker fish died two days ago. It was with me for two years and had grown as big as my palm. It had served its purpose living in my aquarium. Whenever any fish died in my aquarium, I won't flush it into the toilet instead I let my huge beloved sucker fish 'clean up' until nothing was left except the bones and I like to watch the process hee hee. My dead sucker fish would usually take only 2 days to pick the bones clean hehehe. I missed all the fun, so I bought two more sucker fishes!!!! Yippeeee!I call 'em sucker fish 2 and sucker fish 3 hehehe. Ok in this pic, you can also see my parrot fish. It's actually orange in color not white.

(Please ignore my grammar in the post above. It was way past my bedtime and I am too lazy to edit it.)
6th Jul 2006, 09:50   comments (2)

Miniature jamban cum ashtray

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Don't forget to flush!
6th Jul 2006, 09:40   comments (6)

The Pacifier

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Dah tua hisap puting nak tidur boleh?
6th Jul 2006, 06:01   comments (9)

Over here or over there?

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That is the question.

How about both?

I was just testing jer updating over there, to see if they really meant what they said.

I like it here tho, tapi sana lagi user-friendly.

What say you?
5th Jul 2006, 03:43   comments (15)

Drink made famous by Sex & the City

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Not the first pic of course LOL. That's ABC Special, Malaysians favourite dessert.ABC or Air Batu Campur is prepared with sweet corn, red beans, jelly grass and topped with colorful syrups and condensed milk and slathered with shaved ice; it's called ABC Special when you put a scoop of ice-cream on top :D

2nd pic: Cosmo cocktail, Carrie Bradshaw's fav. drink which consist of cranberry juice,fresh lemon juice, etc *grin*. (Cranberry juice is also good to *edit* HELP PREVENT urinary tract infection in women I was told of this by my gf, my female boss and my other female friends)
3rd Jul 2006, 03:57   comments (15)

Trip to the hair salon

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We went to the hair salon yesterday afternoon, Lissa and Ally need a haircut. But then Oya wanted her hair done as well hahaha so I just asked the lady to blow her hair straight. Dah macam rupa Ally pulak.

1st pic = Oya doing her hair.
2nd pic = the result - look ma no more curls!
3rd pic = Ally memoyoskan diri
3rd Jul 2006, 03:41   comments (9)

Look what I got from CF

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ERrk...thank you Jackie Chan.Can I have France or Portugal please? No more? sheesh...only Brazil?? errk..ok i guess.
3rd Jul 2006, 03:37   comments (10)