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Hello, I'm Jules.

I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"Judge me all you want, but keep the verdict to yourself"

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Smell me!

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My new poison courtesy of my mom, she bought two of these during her recent trip to London.

one for her and one for me.

Yikes..this will mean we would smell alike! hahaha
30th Aug 2006, 05:22   comments (2)

Just started reading this..

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I've heard so much of this novel but believe it or not I only started reading it yesterday.I think I saw the movie played on HBO the other week but I didn't watch it. I prefer to read the book first.I'm only into chapter 3 now..and I think I'm gonna like it :D
23rd Aug 2006, 03:32   comments (8)


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Hi u ols!
Sorry, I've been busy for the past couple of weeks. On 14 Aug was my 12th wedding anniversary and Sophia turned 4 years old. When I told my girlfriends about my anniversary, I received the same reactions "my god...12 years!!! that's a long time to be married" hahahahahahaha.

Is it a long time? Well I was quite young when I got married. Frankly, I don't really feel the 12 years. When my friends asked me for tips/secrets, I don't have anything to tell them, 12 years is nothing really. I've heard of folks who has been married for 25 years and separated. So I'm not counting my chicken before the eggs hatch hahahahahaha.
17th Aug 2006, 02:26   comments (5)

At Black Canyon Cafe

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Mexican Iced coffee - we ordered because we found the bootshaped glass interesting :D
10th Aug 2006, 09:50   comments (5)

Doctor Toffia

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She used to pronounced her name as 'Toffia' and I kept correcting her, I'm proud to say that she can now pronounce the 'S' in her name - Sophia Ayesha and the 'S' in Lissa's name (she used to say "Litha")
10th Aug 2006, 09:41   comments (2)

In the darkness..

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in my bedroom, I couldn't sleep so I fiddled with my phone.Yes, I like to sleep in the dark.Pic 1 - my dvd player on 'standby'
Pic 2 - ubat nyamuk karan (apa panggil dlm english ek?)
24th Jul 2006, 04:24   comments (10)

Felix kena dera

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Felix yg budus kena buat mcm patung jer dgn budak budak 3 ekor tu, tapi dgn aku ko bkn main garang suka gigit kaki aku ekkk...nak kompang kang nabi tak ngaku umat plak.

the kids can do everything with him, swaddle him like a baby, carry him around in a basket, the kids treat him like a doll..and he just let them have their way with him but once he sees me..he'll chase after me and start biting my toes what the....!!!! what did i do wrong? hahahahahahaa
21st Jul 2006, 07:17   comments (10)

Meleleh air hidungku..

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What I had in Wong Solo - sambal udang petai dgn sup ekor sapi...*amik tisu kesat hidung*

1st pic - shrimps with chilli paste and the greenish bean like thingy is called petai.

2nd pic - oxtail soup indonesian version (which is almost the same as ours minus the carrots)
19th Jul 2006, 09:33   comments (11)