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Hello, I'm Jules.

I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"Judge me all you want, but keep the verdict to yourself"

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I almost forgotten...

(viewed 853 times)
how to post pics..

this is a test.
11th Jul 2007, 12:37   comments (1)

Ally in the hospital 22/12/06

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see the balloon under her tongue? She had to go for surgery to remove that lil balloon, called Ranula Excision.

Ranula came from the latin word 'Rana' means frog, I think Ranula means belly of frog (?).

p/s: I'll try to post the 'after' pic soon.
11th Jan 2007, 08:50   comments (6)

Ally in tears..

(viewed 1167 times)
after she woke up from the 3 hour surgery.

my poor baby.

11th Jan 2007, 08:45   comments (4)

Sophia & Clifford

(viewed 1298 times)
In Tesco Ampang nih..
11th Jan 2007, 08:03   comments (4)

Peluk peluk dgn hanjeng san...

(viewed 1062 times)
Old Clifford was used to promote the sale of children encyclopedia collection--i was stuck with the salesperson for almost an hour becoz the kids just had to take photos with Clifford...grrrr...!!
11th Jan 2007, 08:01   comments (0)

@ Chef & Brew

(viewed 1404 times)
Was on my way to the gym when hubby text me asking me to buy him dinner. So I cancelled gym and took him, our nephew and my kids to Chef & Brew for a nice, but not exactly quiet dinner. :D
21st Sep 2006, 08:32   comments (4)

Makan sup anak beranak boleh?

(viewed 1822 times)
I had clam chowder and oya had mushrooms soup.
21st Sep 2006, 08:27   comments (2)

Hantu burger

(viewed 1677 times)
Doesn't matter where we go, she will always order the same food - Cheese Burger!
21st Sep 2006, 08:23   comments (2)
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