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Al Queda in PlayBoy - Rough

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PlayBoy Juli 2005 NetherlandsThis momment of photoblog post on the go, coherently known to many as moblogin, reveals a sudden momment of profane enlightement. It's all about Al Queda drown on the foam surface of a upper right corner on a Dutch Play Boy magazine bought from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Nothing about the holland mushrooms dancing madnallas hovering the ears of magazine editors and their associates. How would a girl think about this cover, for example my soulmate girlfriend? Would she say "Oh, wow, man are really really great species, having such a macho article listed on the cover of this glossy naked girls magazine. Probably the magazine isn't such a boy's childish entertainment source, if it has such a serious dissaster on the scrpt - as the Sept.Eleven discussed inside its paper body.But what the fuck - I thought.
How is it - such empty of ideas or full of delightfull enlightment to put a text about al queda inside a semi-porn erotic magazine. Is it a Dutch's life-style practise to think about anti-capitalism guerillas baptising in Islam with bombs? Or it is actually a talk about their straight anti-homo sexual outlet of religios faiths and powers, aiming in this magazine to the ultimate message of the sixtees - Make Love, Not War. Oh, peace brother, and Yeah I would like to fuck your sister, too.
Why not recall the true dangers of contemporary times, anytimes. And just keep on entertain yourselves Dutch style.
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In Bulgarian it reads:
Does it sound like an advert to elders to you too?
7th Sep 2005, 11:19   comments (2)


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Taking a rest away from the hot burning day sun of Gdynia. The ship is aout to leave after about two hours, but this cool glass of brewery made me closer to home and joy than ever. I recall the sun hitting hard again, back leaving from the shadow of this onstreet sidealley pub.
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Polland Gdynia. At some point along my journey onboard the ship, I've started to take more photos of attractive women, rather than sightseeing snappin
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It's silent, almost dull, but free. I sit on the doorstep of a cornerstore
that had been closed from this side, and roll a cigarette. Then stand up and
walk the next few steps to find a shadowy bench behind trees and bushes,
facing the street. In a deco of wallpaper stickers on contemporary changes
and 0-day communication art accompanies me.. Smoke my cig like if someone
would consider it a joint. Icelandic way
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Ship on Icelandic port.
4th Sep 2005, 14:32   | tags:comments (0)

Smoking Bored

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The book I bought from a dedicated sci-fi book store in Stockholm. All the shelves were filled with all the blades of all authors ever written in cosmology, cberpunk, star galaxies and further more to manga comic books, unfolded from the back-forward..
28th Aug 2005, 08:12   comments (0)