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Not a government idea, nor a corporate site. Adventure Atlas and a digital box for magic.
Once I had a texual blog, but then I've lost my words... and moved here...

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The new hotel building near the sports hall, and the new 5 meter flags
23rd Aug 2009, 20:41   comments (0)


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23rd Aug 2009, 20:39   comments (0)

Bulgarian flag.

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There's supposed to be one European flag on the other pillar but it had
fallen from the winds.
31st Jul 2009, 17:10   comments (0)

Tzar Kaloyan

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Monument of King Kaloyan, in Varna.
31st Jul 2009, 17:07   | tags:comments (0)

July summer in Varna, 2009

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It was surreal in the sea garden after having the dentist inject me with pain killers 30 minutes earlier. Even though nice moments drinking energy drink and smoking a cigarette on the coast are always uniquely worth a while, each moment for its own value.
16th Jul 2009, 16:41   comments (1)

July summer in Varna, 2009

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16th Jul 2009, 16:39   comments (0)

Kristiyan & Christian

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For those wondering, not he's not my son... ) Cute baby though, looks good
on me? Hehe, has my name though.
1st Jul 2009, 14:31   comments (0)

Memories from Ibiza, June

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1st Jul 2009, 14:29   comments (0)