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Mother and child

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I've photographed there two on the train before. The little girl is so sweet. Her name is Izzy.
1st Nov 2006, 17:57   | tags:,comments (1)

Nice ass

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1st Nov 2006, 10:30   | tags:,,comments (24)

On the horizon

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My laptop should hopefully be arriving today.
1st Nov 2006, 07:28   comments (2)


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The train in Basingstoke was late. Only a few minutes, but it's enough to annoy.
I got my tax back that i overpaid cause i was on the wrong tax code. So i've bought a laptop. Me and J split the price between us. So in a day or two i should have it. I'll get alot more writing done now i hope. So much dead time on the train that it's about time i utilised it.
I'm really tired this morning. Had a very odd waking dream that included my dead grandmother, my dad, my dead brother, my mom and i think my husband and involved smoking, my birthplace and the military. I don't remember much more. Was odd and disjointed. Weird.
One more day and i've got another long weekend. Four lovely days of nothing.
Nearly to Reading now. The picture, btw, is from Basingstoke train station.
31st Oct 2006, 08:04   comments (0)

Train tracks

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Just staring at them out the window with chili peppers playing in my ears, they speed by and hypnotise me almost.
30th Oct 2006, 07:49   | tags:,,comments (1)

London trains

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The trains to london waterloo are still fucked up. For the last 3 days the platforms have been heaving with people waiting for the london train. The evening trains haven't been much better. Alot of delays to and from london and my train home comes from london. Makes the commute interesting i guess.
Well at least today is friday.


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Through the train window.
26th Oct 2006, 17:35   | tags:,,,comments (5)

Bus stop shelter graffiti

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Done in the last 24 hours cause i know it wasn't there last night.
25th Oct 2006, 18:02   | tags:,,comments (4)