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Bread Teleportation

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Cheddar and chili bread.
Another experiment a success.
And what a spicy success it is too.

Cancelled train

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My regular train from Basingstoke to Reading was cancelled. Luckily there is the Virgin train that goes up North that also stops in Reading. So i'll still get to work on time still.
5th Jan 2007, 08:09   comments (3)


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I'm now writing for this site.

I've jsut been taken on under a trial basis to write for My remit will be moblogging and social networking.

Alfie and/or Mat I'd like to have a word with you regarding this.

(Oh and I'll be getting paid for it too)

Into the darkness

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The moon was very bright this morning.
4th Jan 2007, 07:20   comments (2)

Fan or Fanatic?

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The first picture is one of the bookshelves in my house. There are many
in my house, this is but one small one. Rather obviously this is the
comics and art books shelf. The individual comics reside in a safe
place, this is all TPBs and manga.

Warren Ellis is slowly taking over.

(Don't ask what I had to go through to get that Absolute Planetary. It was hell)

Early morning

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Back to the early mornings with nothing but chris cornell to keep me company as i pace the platform waiting for the train to arrive.
3rd Jan 2007, 07:22   comments (2)

First day back

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It was very hard to get out me bed this morning. The idea of having to crawl out from under my warm duvet really didn't appeal to me. But i did get up and now i'm sitting on the train trying to get the feeling back into my fingers while silently grumbling about the 80p increase in my ticket cost. Time to get back into the swing of things. Maybe turning guns n roses up to top volume on my headphones will wake me up....


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1st Jan 2007, 23:33   | tags:,,comments (2)