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Need help

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I've killed yet another messenger bag. Really beginning to get on my nerves. I swear bag makers purposely don't make bags durable for daily use. So either you need many bags or you buy a new one every 4 to 6 months.

So give me suggestions. I need something good and solid. This is my 4th bag in a year. Width needs to be approx 11-12inches.
21st Sep 2007, 00:13   | tags:,comments (15)


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The flowers are all gone, but the hips are still there.
19th Sep 2007, 09:42   | tags:,,comments (5)

I'm not evil

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Yesterday's temporary insanity has worn him out.
15th Sep 2007, 14:19   | tags:,,comments (0)

Toad in the hole

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Wasn't perfect. But turned out pretty well for my first venture into making yorkshire pudding.


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I bought some proper kilner jars to put up apples and plums in.
I've already done 4 jars of plum jam. It turned out a little thin but it tastes yummy.
Need to do the apples next but i seriously need to get a pealer/corer first. I refuse to do them by hand again this year.
7th Sep 2007, 16:06   | tags:,,comments (2)

Knitting Progress

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The scarf is coming along nicely. I got a lot done at the con. Got through 2 skeins of yarn. It's only half done though. I really like how the colour change is working out. Can't wait 'til it's finished.
5th Sep 2007, 18:50   | tags:,,comments (4)

From Zaurus with Love

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This is a picture of my wonderful new ultra micro pc. The picture was taken with my phone, transfered to the umpc, then emailed to here with the mail client. Those of you who are ultra geeks will be happy to know that this little wonder doesn't use any of the portable windows clients, but instead runs a shiny linux OS. It runs smooth os silk and I've only crashed it once so far, but I have special talents. The keyboarcd is big enough for me to type with my thumbs rather quickly. This little wonder is a piece of perfection that I've needed for a very long time. the screen is a touch screen and it can spin around.

Thank you Japan for this little beauty.

Knitting addict

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I bought yet more yarn yesterday. Bought 2 more sets of needles too. Started a real scarf in earnest yesterday with a pattern in mind. I'm progressing better with the larger needles and yarn. More pictures as i progress with it. Managed to drop a stitch though and just noticed it today. Will have to fix it later.
29th Aug 2007, 09:31   | tags:,comments (1)