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I was born and brought up in Iran, a beautiful country full of history. I started taking photos at an early age of my life with a Lubitel, a Russian twin lenses camera. Most of my photos in those days were black and white. It was a very nice camera that my parents gave me when I was 15 years old.

I always loved to see images. I remember that I would spend time in the library for hours and hours looking at the different photos in Life Magazine, National Geographic and other photographic journals and books. Also I always loved nature, and the different patterns made in it. I remember because of my Entomology studies, I would spend hours in the laboratory looking into microscopes at those beautiful and perfect structures that God created in those different tiny flowers, plants, tiny nematods, animals and insects. Then after I finished university in Iran, I left to do on my M.Sc. in California, the Golden State. There I was witness to even more of the beauties that nature held in each different moments of time. I remember I was always walking and trying to absorb all the scenes in my mind and memory as well as recording them on film. I forgot to say that I received another precious gift from my parents. That was a Canon camera with a fixed lense (G-III QL17). Then after I finished my studies, I returned to Iran for work. I consider myself an artist photographer.

At present I have a lovely Minolta Dynax 7, Mamiya 7II with few lenses. I still love and adore nature and all aspects of it. As a result I love macro photography, landscape, architecture (old and new), and many other categories like artistic abstracts, travel, people, fashion, and photo journalism.

In February 2008, I was delighted to be one of the Amateur UK Photographers short-listed in the Sony World Photography Competition 2008.

I have a vast numbers of printed photos, slides and thousands of negatives which all are archived in many folders.

I love to share my observations through my photos with those people who love and appreciate.

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Ya Aba Abdillah Al Hussain Shahid

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Imam Hussain ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib

Father: Imam Ali Amir Mu'minin
Mother: Fatimah az-Zahra - the daughter of the Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH)
Kunniyat (Patronymic): Abu Abdullah
Laqab (Title): Saiyd-ush-Shohada
Birth: He was born in Medina on a Thursday, 3rd of Shaban 4 A.H (year of Hijrah)
Martyrdom: Martyed at Karbala aged 57 Years on Monday, 10th of Moharram 61 A.H. and buried there.

Hussein ibn 'Ali was the son of Ali ibn Abi ?alib and Fatimah Zahra. Ali is an important figure in Islam as he is a member of the Ahl al-Bayt (the household of the Prophet, hence considered an heir to the Prophet PBUH), as well as being the first Imam so-called for Shia Muslims, though Islam as a whole considers many figures 'Imams' preceding Ali. Hussein, together with father Ali, is one of the "Shia Twelvers". (a grouping of Imams that the Shia gave credence to following their loss of Ali and Hussein.) The Shia have 12 Imams - the first one Imam Ali, third, Hussein, and Imam Mahdi the final or twelth member who disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

Hussein ibn ‘Ali is extolled by the Shia as a martyr who fought tyranny as he refused to pledge allegiance to Yazid the Umayyad Caliph. Hussein was galvanized to create a regime that would reinstate into power a "true" Islamic authority as opposed to what he considered the unjust rule of the Umayyads. He wanted to restore power to the descendents of the Prophet (PBUH). Hussein even stood up and fought when others in the family were willing to accept arbitration-- probably why he is suh a hero today.

Hussein's demise gave rise to the birth of the Shia sect as branching away from the Sunni way. Shia derrives from the term for 'band of', thus it follows that 'Shia Ali' were the band of Ali, shortened to Shia. Sunnis were those who accepted--sometimes only begrudgingly--the temporal legitimacy of the Umayyad State, which was set up by Yazid Ben Mu'awiyah and his father Mu'awiyah Ben Abi Sufyan, and in fact most Sunnis today accept them as full 'Caliphs' or successors of the Prophet.

Sunnis continued to follow to all intents and purposes the Prophet (PBUH), but via the perceived legitimate authority as elected by Yazid. Yazid was not chosen by election or by council, but appointed himself after the death of his father, Mu'awiyah.The authority of Islam passed onto his Ummayad. Some Muslims condemn Yazid's rule as unjustly acquired.

Imam Hussein, as a result of his resistance, was killed and beheaded in the Battle of Karbala in 680 (61AH) by Shimr Ibn Thil-Jawshan. The annual funeral in the memory of him, his family, his children and his companions who went down with him, is called Ashura (tenth day of Muharram) and is a day of mourning for Shia Muslims.

The Shia feel a particular preoccupation with the death of Hussein, son of Ali. Imam Ali was the first cousin of the Prophet (PBUH) legitimacy. Muslims, mainly Shia affiliates, commemorate this event or funeral each year on Ashura, a day of mourning recognized throughout the Shia Muslim world, and, particularly, by pilgrims to Karbala.

Staring Lowkey

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This image is manipulated!

I wonder what Lowkey was thinking of president Obama, perhaps he would like to ask him what has happened to all of his campaign slogans; "We Can"?
If I was in Lowkey's shoes, I would ask president Obama, how he sleeps at nights, where many innocent people, old people, children across the globe were sufferring as a result of his foreign and domestic policies? Does he sleep peacefully?
I wonder!

Lowkey, A Young Political Activist

All for C H A N G E !!
Frozen or Forgotten Promise?
Bush Obama
It is NOT a computer game anymore!
Jesus Rifles !

"We appeal to President Obama ...."
Who is Who in Palestine

The world's peace maker!!

A simple map, but ...

Ostad Shahid Dr Majid Shahriari

His Message To America

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How Many More ?

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War is one of the chief causes of poverty. It can completely undermine a country’s development prospects, destroying schools and hospitals and put agricultural land out of use for years to come. Multinational corporations are complicit in wars throughout the world, putting profit before people and often legitimising and fuelling the conflict.
Fully 80% of the world's 20 poorest countries have suffered a major war in the past 15 years, and the human legacy continues long after. Nine of the 10 countries with the world’s highest child mortality rates have suffered from conflict in recent years.
Yet not everyone is made poorer by war. Many companies thrive off conflict, whether through supplying military hardware to armed forces or running mercenary armies on behalf of combatant states. Others fuel conflict through their operations in war zones, such as oil companies in volatile countries like Colombia and Iraq, or through their continued trade in goods such as blood diamonds. Others profit from financing the war effort.

Stop the business of war


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Wide Open

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Wide Open

Be Considerate and Respectful

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Be Considerate and Respectful

Tunnel Vision

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