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23rd Dec 2005, 14:19   comments (0)

Crap picture of crowds in Sainsburys

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I was trying to snap that vicious old bint in the hat because she hit me in the arse with her trolley at least 4 times.
23rd Dec 2005, 14:18   comments (0)

Well someone in the post office thought there was a cheque in the envelope

(viewed 658 times)
they post-marked the back of the christmas card then tried to reseal it. how cunning.
22nd Dec 2005, 21:50   comments (5)

my name is....

(viewed 574 times)
21st Dec 2005, 17:58   comments (1)

The camera loves him

(viewed 669 times)
I'm not sure what the children think
19th Dec 2005, 21:38   comments (5)

Christmas Tree

(viewed 588 times)
by Smirny
19th Dec 2005, 21:35   comments (4)


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13th Dec 2005, 23:13   comments (1)

I know it was childish to giggle

(viewed 707 times)
but it's such a rubbish name
9th Dec 2005, 19:27   comments (1)