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18th Apr 2006, 22:05   comments (5)


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I am covered in dust
18th Apr 2006, 17:12   comments (4)


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16th Apr 2006, 17:35   comments (3)

Someone left half a t-shirt at our house last week

(viewed 526 times)
they must have very cold nipples by now
14th Apr 2006, 19:10   comments (0)


(viewed 608 times)
with scratch off bikini. PHWOAR.
14th Apr 2006, 19:10   comments (1)


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I managed to delete the phone pictures of them in our flat (but if you know us you know where to find the decent ones by other people anyway).
This is a picture of the drummer in the Spitz - his kit mainly consists of buckets and cans.
10th Apr 2006, 23:16   comments (0)


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Friendly cat in the shop!
10th Apr 2006, 23:03   comments (0)

lonely grotty pants

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this is art
10th Apr 2006, 23:01   comments (2)