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Ideas are Bulletproof

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Been a while, illness does that, steals time from you. Please anyone
looking to fight HSL go to this forum--
4th Nov 2006, 18:25   comments (0)

To Norman

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To Norman-
Thank you for answering my question.
Hurray a celebrity, OK, well what I would like to know is--
based on your experience working for SLC how would you characterise
HSL in comparison?
13th Jun 2006, 19:18   comments (4)

Trolling along

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I got this in my email today-

AGENTV says:
it is slc who have been on watchdog and it sounds to me like you
should of kept check of your loan a little better after all it is
your responsibility.

I replied-
SLC send out the forms at the request of HSL(the forms are returned to
slc as I have done) agentv , my loan was fine until hsl took over and
failed to send out deferment papers in time. They caused a default on
the deferment, it is their responsibility as the company that
administer the loans. To then demand money because they made the
mistake is to act in bad faith and is contrary to established best
practice business methods. A reputable company would apologise for
their error, seek to correct it as soon as possible and certainly not
demand money they have no right to.

I have a question for agentv -
do you or anyone you know work for SLC, HSL or any company or business
associated with them, do you receive any financial or compensatory
reward from SLC, HSL or associated companies ?
13th Jun 2006, 17:27   comments (2)

What I learned today

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SLC send out the deferments when they are requested to do so by HSL.

SLC and CLARITY (HSL debt collectors) are far more helpful then HSL.

It is in HSL's interests to cause people to lose their deferment.

...something is rotten in the heart of student loans...

Mogwai - the semi-feral stray kitten that adopted me is pleased to make her debut on the blog and recommends Apple pro speakers for your complete sonic satisfaction.
12th Jun 2006, 21:38   comments (9)

Anonymous please get back to me.

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As you seem to know something of the inner workings of HSL I'd like to
know more, I will respect your confidentiality and be discreet.

What anonymous said -
"The real reason as to why the slc passed on the loans to hsl is because they could not manage them. A lot of people are having problems deferring this is because there is a huge backlog at slc which means people are getting charged for not deferring in time. The debt collecting team is the same one that answers your customer service calls...they work on an automated dialling system which makes random sum up the whole structure is a farce. Employees recieve bonuses for the amount of collections they make keep that in mind next time a csa says "it is in your interest to carry on making payments!" -
12th Jun 2006, 21:30   comments (0)

Dedicated blog site for dealing with Honours student loans

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As the blogspot site gets far less ranking in google, I'm keeping this as the main site.
4th Jun 2006, 02:04   comments (0)

Friday's child

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Today I got a letter from clarity that claimed as I hadn't responded
to the previous letter they were charging me £60.00. The previous
letter came yesterday 1/6/6 I did respond by phone and letter,
allowing one day to respond is -clearly- not reasonable.This is
demanding money fraudulently and with menaces.
I am keeping a log as are other family members to document the effect
this is having on me and their well being, I advise others to do the
same, a daily diary that can be used in evidence should a case for
compensation for distress be made. Bottom line it appears we are
dealing with an enron level of corporate malfeasance here and as in
that case with covert government approval. For comparison see panorama
I am an ethical person who does not tolerate bullying, I have stepped
into several violent situations to calm and seek a better solution,
the behaviour of these organisations is dishonourable, dishonest and
malignant. It will not stand.
2nd Jun 2006, 23:38   comments (0)


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HANSARD -read between the lines...
14 Mar 2005 : Column 19WDr.
Mortgage-style student loans are collected by the Student
Loans Company (SLC) on behalf of the Government and the Royal Bank of
Scotland (the owner of a portfolio of loans sold in 1998). The SLC
advises that it also uses the following companies as agencies for
arrears collection, although some work might be further outsourced:
Allied International Credit; Financial Trace and Collections; J B Debt
Recovery; Lewis Group; Logic Group; NCO Financial Services (UK) Ltd.;
and Wescot Credit Services.A further portfolio of loans, sold to Honours Trustee Limited in 1999,
is administered and collected by Ventura (Club 24 Limited), trading as
Honours Student Loans. Ventura advises that it also uses the following
companies as agents for arrears collection: Clarity Credit Management
Solutions Ltd. and Dryden's.Income-contingent student loans are collected by the Inland Revenue,mainly through deduction at source by employers.

Mr. Edward Davey:
To ask the Secretary of State for Education and
Skills how much was spent in 2004 on keeping graduates informed of
changes in collection arrangements for student loan repayments.

Dr. Howells:
The Department and the Student Loans Company (SLC)
regularly keep students and graduates informed of the latest
arrangements for student finance, and these communications have been
updated to reflect the rise in the repayment threshold for income
contingent student loans, to take effect from April 2005, and the
annual change in the repayment threshold for mortgage-style loans. The
Department and the SLC incurred no specific additional expenditure in
2004 for these changes to the collection arrangements.
1st Jun 2006, 22:24   comments (3)
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