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Cat vs Rotisserie, round one.


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This was my first console. How old does that make me?
24th Jul 2006, 22:58   | tags:,comments (0)


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The world's friendliest cat. I sat next to him in a comic store, (I've shot
a different cat at this store several times) let him sniff me and
petted him 3 times. He purrs at me like I have fish in my pants.

(I call it a him because no strange female would warm up to me that quickly.)

That is the new issue of Nextwave he's reading, he has very refined tastes.
9th Jul 2006, 04:21   | tags:,,comments (2)


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It's a mystery. In four hours, will it contain yogurt, will it contain
rotten milk?
7th Jul 2006, 00:49   comments (0)

Bell on a cat

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Poor kitty has a bell on him. And he's a boy no less!
29th Jun 2006, 03:46   | tags:comments (0)


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my sister's demented cat and some scary hobo.
29th Jun 2006, 03:43   | tags:,comments (0)


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31st May 2006, 02:53   | tags:,comments (0)

My sister's new kitten

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He will not hold still for a picture, this is the best I could do.

I'd say he's cute and that he frolics, but that's really implied in the word "kitten," isn't it?

She was going to go to a shelter but her friend "knew a guy." Apparently you need some real connections to be able to pick up a cat in this city.
1st May 2006, 05:53   | tags:comments (2)