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This is my father's cat. I call this his "go fuck yourself, I'm sleepy"
face. My father has one too. (not pictured)
16th Jun 2005, 05:28   | tags:comments (0)

Special Lunch Treat! Taste the crabby goodness.

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6th Jun 2005, 21:10   | tags:,comments (0)


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This is the pile in my den. A slight difference between the two comics, no?
6th Jun 2005, 21:10   | tags:comments (1)

Brothers and twin swords

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My brother recently moved into a dorm that doesn't allow 3 inch knives and while the rules don't mention swords, it can be assumed that implements of mansplitting are not allowed. Thus, his black sword has been entrusted to my care. Not pictured, my red sword, stored elsewhere.
6th Jun 2005, 21:10   | tags:,comments (0)


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I need some lard, don't you?
22nd May 2005, 06:34   comments (1)


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22nd May 2005, 06:34   comments (0)


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There's a hysterical caption here somewhere. Can't quite think of it though.
16th May 2005, 06:06   comments (0)


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My brother, picking up a stray cat.

Cat, not thrilled about the situation.
16th May 2005, 04:56   | tags:,comments (1)