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An eye for an eye teaches the world not to fuck with people's eyes.

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Another one

(viewed 1100 times)
Yet another psychedelic London Underground seat pattern. Guesses?
27th Jan 2004, 09:57   comments (12)

An evening's entertainment. . .

(viewed 970 times)
Yup. Class C...
25th Jan 2004, 17:31   comments (6)


(viewed 697 times)
One of the things I love about London is the fact that layers of history still remain, and the weight of the past is visible in the strangest places.
This is a fragment of a Roman wall, built around 200AD, back in good old Londinium. It's next to Tower Hill tube.
24th Jan 2004, 23:24   comments (1)


(viewed 866 times)
Poor little swan, up waaaay past it's bedtime
24th Jan 2004, 13:19   comments (2)

Ow my brain

(viewed 824 times)
I'd like to meet the person who dreamt up the fabrics that decorate seat covers on the underground. I'm going to make it my mission to record all examples.

Any guesses as to which line this comes from?
23rd Jan 2004, 12:25   comments (7)

Wise Words

(viewed 756 times)
We must all remember, in our daily lives, to mind the gap.
23rd Jan 2004, 11:20   comments (3)

Sweet addiction

(viewed 687 times)
Why oh why do the evil corporate ones make the tastiest beverages?

I am now at the stage where I cannot function without 20 ounces of sugar infused caffeine at the start of every day...
22nd Jan 2004, 13:36   comments (3)

mmm, tasty

(viewed 718 times)
This is the fare on offer in Hammersmith's main adult education centre. It has so much cream on it. AND a pineapple slice. AND a cherry. AND some type of icing sqiqqles. Not to mention the cake itself. I felt my waist expand just sitting in the same room as this cake...
21st Jan 2004, 15:49   comments (3)