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An eye for an eye teaches the world not to fuck with people's eyes.

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(viewed 732 times)

23rd Jul 2004, 10:34   comments (2)

Green room

(viewed 777 times)
I loved this room. Another Newcastle room. Straight from the 70s
10th Jul 2004, 14:28   comments (2)

Sexy beast

(viewed 720 times)
My new computer.

It's a fuckin SEXY BEAST!!!
10th Jul 2004, 14:06   comments (1)

Shiny building

(viewed 664 times)
Mmm, bronze. If you catch this building at the right time of day, it's almost blinding it's so shiny.

Architecture rules.
10th Jul 2004, 14:01   comments (0)


(viewed 620 times)
Thus are modern democratic decisions made. Press the button! The jolly candy like button...
7th Jun 2004, 11:34   comments (1)


(viewed 627 times)
Civic council chambers in Newcastle. Made me feel like I was in the United Nations, circa 1976 or so. I even got to turn on the microphone on the little flexible arm on the chair and talk into it! Weeee! Didn't make up for the dullness of the speeches though...
7th Jun 2004, 11:33   comments (0)


(viewed 608 times)
Shiny! And very very large.

Located in Newcastyle Civic Chambers, a wonderland of outmoded design. Many rooms of this centre have never left the 70s.
6th Jun 2004, 11:46   comments (0)


(viewed 578 times)
Only the best donuts in the world. And from July, available in a store JUST UP THE ROAD! I had to brave the horrors of Harrods on a Saturday for this box.
5th Jun 2004, 10:25   comments (8)