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An eye for an eye teaches the world not to fuck with people's eyes.

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More pocky treats

(viewed 766 times)
In my never ending quest to track down all the green tea flavoured snacks in the world, i found mousse pocky. Omg! It's too yummy...
11th Feb 2005, 13:56   comments (4)


(viewed 798 times)
Gloomy will eat you!
10th Feb 2005, 20:58   comments (2)


(viewed 639 times)
Yum. Mousse style pocky snack things. Mont blanc flavour and cheesecake flavour.

The acquisition of strange and unsual snack goodness seems to be becoming a bit of an obsession of mine. Still, someone has to inverstigate these things for the world at large, and I humbly put myself forward as that someone.

So I am pleased to tell you that the above snacks are very succesful in duplicating the flavours of cakes in a pretzel like snack way. For those of you in London, these can actually be purchased with a minimum of effort if you wander down to Arigato in Brewer St, where you can also find sundry other flavours of Pocky and a large selection of snacks/booze and strange Japanese canned drinks. Yum again.
6th Feb 2005, 13:33   comments (0)


(viewed 661 times)
I taunt you!
4th Feb 2005, 08:30   comments (6)


(viewed 612 times)
Technology gets smaller and smaller. This is a 40gig hard drive. In the palm of my hand. Neat.
1st Feb 2005, 08:57   comments (3)

Best junk mail evah!

(viewed 673 times)
I somehow managed to get my name on a direct mail/junk list at my uncle's place in the states. Admittedly, I stay there every xmas, but I'm hardly going to vote for the big monkey. BUT, I am now the proud owner of a personalised George Bush loyalty card, and a signed photo of him and Laura! Wheeeee!

It makes me feel special.
1st Feb 2005, 04:23   comments (0)

Yet more strange japanese candy

(viewed 646 times)
Yummy hi-soft candy, caramel mocha flavour. The fabulously strange slogan for this candy is 'healing you softly with an angel's heart'. I have no idea why...
31st Jan 2005, 15:06   comments (0)

If you can't spell it

(viewed 575 times)
I don't want to eat it
29th Jan 2005, 12:03   comments (0)