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An eye for an eye teaches the world not to fuck with people's eyes.

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It's so small and shiny!

(viewed 803 times)
Navid, this is all your fault.
7th Apr 2005, 11:02   comments (1)

I want one

(viewed 750 times)
Large! Shiny! Lampshade!
6th Apr 2005, 15:58   comments (7)

Why oh why

(viewed 661 times)
Please can't we forget about the smurfs?

They were really feckin creepy.
6th Apr 2005, 15:54   comments (0)

High class confectionary

(viewed 809 times)
From the fabulous Minamoto store in Picadilly. This is stylish sweeties people! Lovely packaging, gorgeous sweets inside. The one on the left is a cherry blossom liquer jelly. With a cherry blossom in it.*drool* The one on the right is a fresh cherry in a sweet peachy jelly. OMG. They were soooooo tasty.
6th Apr 2005, 15:50   comments (0)

More kitkats

(viewed 3176 times)
Finally tracked down the Caramac one. This is quite interesting, in that the chocolate component has been entirely replaced with Caramac. Mmmm, I always had a soft spot for the strangeness of the Caramac bar, not chocolate, not candy what IS IT!!!!!!!

This one's a keeper, but a little too sickly sweet to eat many of in one go. Which is, I guess, a good thing?
3rd Apr 2005, 11:13   comments (39)


(viewed 753 times)
Oooooooo the nostalgia. Kimba gave me her old SNES and I spent a very happy evening playing Legend of Mystical Ninja, Parodius and Bomberman 2. They don't make 'em like that anymore...
3rd Apr 2005, 11:09   comments (13)


(viewed 653 times)
Bizarre deco in the lovely Vietnamese restaurant.
31st Mar 2005, 14:12   comments (3)


(viewed 632 times)
More dalston graffiti
29th Mar 2005, 15:27   comments (0)