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An eye for an eye teaches the world not to fuck with people's eyes.

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Funky jewelry

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Bronx's fabulous EVIL pendant reminded me of my crazee jewelry collection. Freak - nicely done in diamante. And the bottom one was handmade by a local artist - you could request any expletive you desired. The possibilites were endless - but I've always been fond of the 'F' word - so versatile!
6th Jun 2005, 20:24   | tags:,comments (5)

Canary wharf DLR station

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I love Canary Wharf. It's all gleaming steel spires, glass and silver - it totally looks like the future. The Docklands Light Railway runs through it, which is a great driver-less train system (which bizarrely for London transport, is actually quite efficient) I'll go wander about and snap some of the buildings next time I pop to the shops. It always makes me feel like I'm in Star Trek land.

And hey! A post which isn't food!
6th Jun 2005, 20:16   | tags:comments (3)

Dinner blogging

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Tapas stylee. I was feeling all meditarrean today :-)

So let's see what we have here:

Feta stuffed queen olives with basil & herbs. Yum.
Saffron battered salt cod.
And some beautiful little new potatoes, fried in olive oil with red peppers, onions and paprika.

And a nice hearty New Zealand Red wine.

Woot. This dinner blogging is addictive.

6th Jun 2005, 20:03   comments (8)

Brunch blogging

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OK. Brunch called - so, this is the leftover sausages from last nights dinner, lovingly scrambled with eggs, to which have been added a generous scoop of wholegrain mustard, and three - count 'em - three different kinds of cheese. I have to say, it's rather scrumptious. And a nice glass of orange, carrot and mango juice. Choice.

Oh, and that's a rather amazing Russian sourdough & rye bread on the side, called Rossisky I think. So tasty.
5th Jun 2005, 13:25   | tags:comments (7)

See my drink!

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This gin is the best in the world. And yes, that IS a cucumber. that's what makes this gin...special.

And Bronx? See that box in the background, in front of Domokun? That's yours. just have to get to a post office...
4th Jun 2005, 23:04   | tags:comments (6)

Dinner blogging

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Mmm sausages. Fancy Irish honey mustard ones with lovely little new potatoes and some peas. Yum. Accompanied by Fentimans Ginger Cola.
4th Jun 2005, 19:20   | tags:comments (28)

OMG I updated my livejournal

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I'd almost completely forgotten about it...

Oh god, i've got two journals! Shit. Neurrrrrg.
3rd Jun 2005, 23:27   comments (3)


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Spotted at White City tube this afternoon. Gave me a giggle.
3rd Jun 2005, 17:17   | tags:comments (11)