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Joe got a jacket that matches his shoes...

6th May 2006, 14:39   | tags:,,,comments (6)

Joe's new shoes

(viewed 1642 times)
My mate Joe r00lz. I mean, Tron trainers? Wow.
5th May 2006, 18:36   | tags:,,,comments (5)

Dinnerblogging again

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This was dinner on Saturday...

Parmesan crusted chicken with sundried tomato and garlic butter (bought form Waitrose) with new potatoes with herbs and garlicy goats cheese (from Farmers Market) accompanied by a completely over the top salad (about 4 kinds of lettuce, assorted herbs, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, spring onion, red onion and avocado) And a very nice Shiraz.

Sunday I was too tired/bored/fedup to cook, so I just had a cheese plate. With nibbles of course. Olives goes without saying. Those are the lemon and rosemary ones, and they were fab. Some very nice hand-cooked potato chips (sour cream and hot pepper flavour). Cheesewise, there's blue-vein cheddar, port salut, emmental, smoked brie and some normal extra mature cheddar, on 5 different kinds of crackers...

I think I'm turning into some kind of horrific gourmand...
2nd May 2006, 14:07   | tags:,,,comments (10)

Terrifying panto of DOOOOOM

(viewed 1607 times)
Rose and I spent a particularly entertaining evening out last week watching the Mighty Boosh. The show was fab, like a particularly disturbing panto with lots of swearing and strange comedy song and dance numbers. Fine night out indeed.
28th Apr 2006, 12:36   | tags:,,comments (3)

My farmer's Market haul

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My super tasty haul from yesterdays Market excursion.

Tubs at top contain artichoke hearst, big Queen olives in lemon juice and rosemary and a giant tub of my favourite wild garlic in chili and vinegary marinade. I can just eat these by the handful. yay! For garlic.

Cheese wise, we have a little garlicy soft goats cheese, andother soft goats cheese coated in herbs de provence, a blue vein cheddar and some smoked brie. Mmm cheese.

And on the meat fron, there's some pheasant and pear sausages, which i've had before form the stall and are luscious, and a large chunk of fresh biltong, a great South African dried meat - kinda like jerky, but softer and mroe flavourful.

Farmers Markets rock.
28th Apr 2006, 12:27   | tags:,,,comments (8)

More Market delights

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The olive stall in this market is just amazing. SO HARD to decide what kind...
27th Apr 2006, 17:13   | tags:,,comments (10)

Farmer's Market

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Some of the cheesy delights on offer at the weekly market in Hammersmith. Yum. Mrs Kirkhams Lancashire looks like a handful :-) The top one is all different kinds of goat's cheese. Mmmm. The bottom one was from a stall that sold a delightful spread of cheddars.

Yay for cheese.
27th Apr 2006, 17:05   | tags:,comments (3)

Weekend dinner bloggin

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Well. I've pretty much settled in to doing a nice fancy dinner or two every weekend now. It's soothing cooking, dancing around the kitchen with the ipod playing my top rated playlist - I'd kinda forgotten how much I enjoyed cooking over the last year or so as I've subsisted on take out or tapas :-)

So Saturday's dinner...started with a terrine of smoked salmon and creme fraiche (I did not cook this btw - hehe - good ol' Waitrose) with a drizzle of french dressing and some sesame/pumpkin seed crackers. It was yummy. Then we had some new potatoes, with butter and pepper, some wilted spinach, asparagus and peas in a white wine butter dressing type thing and baked monkfish (I sealed 'em up in foil with two slices of lemon and some fresh dill) T'was heavenly. We had a champagne trifle for afters, and mojitos to drink during.


Then we rocked out on Guitar Hero all.night.long :-)
23rd Apr 2006, 20:03   | tags:,,comments (9)