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This blog was set up by Kaz and followed her journey as an artist over the last two years.

Kaz’s research for her M.A. looked at mobile phone technology, Bloggs and social networking setting up a blogg as part of her project,. As experienced blogger I found it journalistic it questioned what I make private / public, it also marginalised, whilst providing social interaction, offering a dreamscape, whilst forming new dialogues, shared authorship, and a sense of ones own presence in a remote space. It offers a space for storytelling.
The blog offers small trajectories of the everyday along with professional practice as an artist ,here the two are recognosed as being integral, life and work become part of the same...

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Here is info on my work which is in exhibition TWONOTEN see website addressPhotos by artists Kenneth HuffJulian KonczakJames RoperJeremy GardinerSimon WhethamRichard VickersAnd moi Karen Reed - Integrity versus Despair_____splash | about
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20th October - 15th December 2006
Friday 20 October-15 DecemberThe main exhibition, hosted at the Bargate
Monument Gallery will last for eight weeks and features digital artworks
from a number of artists from the UK and Internationally. Some of the
artists and works featured in the exhibition are shown on this page.The Bargate is the main landmark of the city of Southampton. It is located
at the top of the high street, right in the middle of the main shopping
precinct.Kenneth A Huff - Contemplations: 2005.2Today's frenetic, rapid-cut popular media serves as foil to the intent of
Contemplations, a series of animated works exploring patterns and forms
inspired by the intricate complexities and rhythms of nature. This work from
the series, 2005.2, shows slowly-evolving solid and transparent forms. With
no set beginning or end, the work allows the viewer to become lost in the
complex, organically-shifting details and provides an engaging, calming
point of contemplation.www.kennethahuff.com
Julian Konczak - 25-URBANThe work is a slice of urban archeology - it moves through visual
representations of the city and its tendency to continually renew itself.
Regeneration, peeling paint, marginal areas, zones ear-marked for demolition
all form part of this global urban tapestry. We are given a continual vision
of a pockmarked rubble, harsh strong colours that have over-spilled from
graffiti remind us how the urban zone is both subject to the forces of
nature and the appropriation of spaces by sub-cultures.25 Series
James Roper - Anime AbstractsThe compositions in the 'Anime Abstracts' series are constructed using
cut-outs sourced from Manga and Anime that are then reassembled to form a
body built from a swarming mass of parts that either stretches across a
monochrome void or engulfs the picture completely.www.jroper.co.ukJeremy Gardiner - Purbeck Light YearsPurbeck Light Years is a three dimensional temporal arena which evokes a
calm, receptive state of mind. A mixture of both old and new, hybrid
techniques that combine characteristics of painting and drawing, computer
animation and immersive VR. Inside this virtual space is re-imagined a whole
world, a topographical landscape modelled in three dimensions, silent and
secret, a place of accumulated history.www.jeremygardiner.co.ukSimon Whetham - Dark Light Audio Tracks'Dark Light Audio Tracks' is an audio work, composed using field recordings,
which began life as a soundtrack to visual work as part of a project called
'A Dark Light'. This body of work comprises paintings and photography from,
and informed by, a trip to Iceland in the winter of 2005.www.simonwhetham.co.uk
Richard Vickers - 15 x 1515 x 15 uses Andy Warhol's famous statement 'in the future, everyone will be
famous for five minutes', and advances it into the 21st century with new
media technology. Anyone can contribute to the work with a mobile phone and
be famous, for 15 seconds.www.15x15.orgKaren Reed - Integrity versus DespairIntegrity versus Despair is a mobile phone film, that deals with how this
ubiquitous technology really influences our lives. The cultural changes that
have occurred particularly with regard to what is private vs. public. The
film involves the artist's parents and family all trying to bridge the
generation gap with regard to using this ubiquitous technology.www.karenreedart.com
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I have continued to work with mobile phone and I am showing my latest film
integrity vs. despair at the Twonotten digital arts festival at Southampton
Bargate GalleryCheck out the website. http://www.twonotten.org/The film looks at the generation gap of users of phone technology; it
considers it from life cylces (Erikson)The film and sound track came from footage shot on my d600 phoneThese are stills from the filmSee below
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back to some serious pics!!

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Somewhere inbetween

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There are so many photos taken on my trip to USA
Memories small trajectories some of it lost forever some reinvented another
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My Grand Canyon experience started here
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Emailing: DSCN0024.JPG

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More USA
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Sunset Colorado desert

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This was so breathtaking!!
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