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my shoes take sides too

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I work at an information center where we give out information as
requested. I'm not allowed to tell you what the subject matter is. I
just can't give that information. Even if you request it. It's in the
terms of employment.

In training, I was compelled to draw on my shoes- as you are. I
decided that I'd like to introduce my sneakers: Dr. Conservative and
Sir Liberal. Or Right and Left respectively.
15th Jun 2007, 10:41   comments (3)

hello moblog uk

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Let me introduce myself... I'm from the states- Nebraska to be exact. I was born 16AUG86 and therefore a Leo. I grew up in a wealthy area and was a privileged kid. I was encouraged all my life to have faith in Christ, not to do drugs, go to a university, and listen to authority. I stopped listening at thirteen and started to think for myself.

Today: I believe the United States Government is utterly flawed. They have their hands on your money, your health, your school, your media, your food, your facts. Unfortunately, not very many people care for revolution- they're comfortable being controlled. I believe- like many of my peers- that marijuana should most definitely be legal. I believe in radical teaching approaches. Too few people are critically conscious.

I think money is obscene and try not to have too much. I have no plans for the future- I'm waiting for my plans to find me.

Don't get me wrong, I am in fact making progress. At my own pace is all.

13th Jun 2007, 13:27   comments (26)