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i am convinced that this stuff is important: purring cats on your hip, sunlight that makes you squint and a slow waking, followed by a luxurious stretch.

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messy hair amuses me!

(viewed 708 times)
Cleaned all day.Took a bath, threw a bathbomb in.My messy hair amuses me :)
10th Nov 2005, 03:49   comments (5)

lost: shorts

(viewed 644 times)
found: one pair of men's shorts on the corner of Washington and South
Division at 8:53am on Sunday 11/6.Please advise.
7th Nov 2005, 06:32   comments (2)

wow, it's windy

(viewed 689 times)
8:50am.Waiting for the 9:29am bus.And it's windy.
7th Nov 2005, 06:19   comments (0)

i tried to slice my thumb off!

(viewed 619 times)
Sticking it under the cold running water stung so bad, I wanted to cry.SOB bled for nearly 45 mintues!In fact, it's still oozy. Grrr.
7th Nov 2005, 06:04   comments (6)

zoe thrones it

(viewed 570 times)
If you sit in the hand-me-down papasan and try to use the footrest,
you'll be clawed. That's an order :)
5th Nov 2005, 05:52   comments (1)

view from the front door

(viewed 544 times)
in the area behind the chair with the blanket on it will be the dining area. i hope the table will fit in the room along with the computer desk.

ahhh, hand me down papasan. the cat seems to enjoy it. in fact, if you look closely, you'll see one of her toy mice in there.
3rd Nov 2005, 08:22   comments (0)

the living room

(viewed 497 times)
the fireplace mantle needs help, but this is what i have so far.the bookshelves, crammed full of goodies.the wall directly opposite where you walk in. small space, but i
figured my tree people would look good there.
3rd Nov 2005, 08:21   comments (0)

that's just two of the shelves

(viewed 506 times)
the pile in my room is rather large, and a short bookcase houses most of my
3rd Nov 2005, 06:35   comments (0)