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i am convinced that this stuff is important: purring cats on your hip, sunlight that makes you squint and a slow waking, followed by a luxurious stretch.

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a request

(viewed 508 times)
through these to the bedroom.
28th Nov 2005, 07:06   comments (0)


(viewed 603 times)
Zoe is quite expressive.
28th Nov 2005, 02:21   comments (1)

pilates mat and band

(viewed 677 times)
The band is new and I have to say that I'm not a huge fan of it for leg workouts. I keep snapping it off my toes! For the arms though? Yum.

And I'm proud of my orange mat. :)
28th Nov 2005, 01:54   comments (2)

more tire tracks

(viewed 577 times)
it was a thick, sticky snow that fell prettily, thankfully.
26th Nov 2005, 03:56   comments (0)

here's your snow, ookiine

(viewed 610 times)
We got a quick 12 inches today. It's all yours!
26th Nov 2005, 03:54   comments (2)

club diablo

(viewed 561 times)
they had this cool ass stainless steel bathroom
but here's the light :)
24th Nov 2005, 08:26   comments (1)

i realize ....

(viewed 557 times)
that it *probably* has something to do with dave matthews band.but at first, i was like "who's the idiot who has a vanity plate that says 'DUMB CHICK!?'"

nevermind, i've been drinking.
24th Nov 2005, 08:25   comments (2)

magic the freeeek

(viewed 589 times)
... played at Club Diablo. :)My boys are blurry!
24th Nov 2005, 08:24   comments (0)