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i am convinced that this stuff is important: purring cats on your hip, sunlight that makes you squint and a slow waking, followed by a luxurious stretch.

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sick in bed

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I keep waking up every two hours or so. I turn on the tv and fall asleep when my eyes tell me to.
16th Mar 2007, 00:29   comments (0)

"Is this really $6.99?"

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Okay. If the rack says "SALE $6.99" that generally means that ALL the things on the rack are, in fact, $6.99. Yes. Even that. And that. And even THAT! Good lord. See how many women crowd a $6.99 rack just because it's that cheap? :)

Please, also note the complete disregard for the merchandise on the racks. Half of it is on the floor. And by the way? The rest of the store was empty. 50 people milling around the same 4 racks. Ugh.
14th Mar 2007, 14:46   comments (0)

sunset at 60 degrees F

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Outside the BAC for Women on French Road. I walked out of my Pilates class and had to stop and look. Such a pretty sunset ... wish I saw it over the lake!
13th Mar 2007, 23:42   comments (0)

Beautiful day

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March 13. We reached 60 degrees. This was taken on my way to the BAC around 5pm.

This weekend, it'll be 30 and snowing.

Springtime in Buffalo. Welcome.

I need to dust my steering wheel column!
13th Mar 2007, 21:16   comments (0)

zoe's green eye

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Moooooom! Stop! I just want to lie in your lap and purr and occassionally claw you accidentally while purring and kneading my paws on your thigh!
11th Mar 2007, 06:56   comments (0)


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I love this garage ... I just need to catch it during daylight!
11th Mar 2007, 04:05   comments (0)


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Now my car is orange rather than salt colored with an orange undertone.

You can see where I am ... look at the reflection on the trunk!
9th Mar 2007, 23:39   comments (0)

almost done!

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in the car wash!
9th Mar 2007, 23:31   comments (0)