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i am convinced that this stuff is important: purring cats on your hip, sunlight that makes you squint and a slow waking, followed by a luxurious stretch.

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Anderson Cooper lounges in my lap :)

Accidental boob shot takes place.
17th May 2007, 06:11   comments (0)

Cooper's curly toes!

(viewed 739 times)
Gah, cute kitty feetsies!
15th May 2007, 21:14   comments (0)

zoe reaches out!

(viewed 333 times)
I don't believe this is my z-monster. She's entirely too bitchy to be this cute with another cat!
15th May 2007, 20:34   comments (0)


(viewed 368 times)
Anderson Cooper (left) and Zoe (right) sleep near one another. I guess it was a good thing I started to move their food dishes closer to one another ... looks like they're finally getting used to other kitties!
15th May 2007, 20:32   comments (0)

fun stuff

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I'm glad I merchandised this section on Sunday. It would have been too much for me to handle between Monday night and Tuesday night.
15th May 2007, 11:08   comments (0)

Sizing hoopla

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I had to condense these strapless bras to two hangbars. This was the best way to do it. :/
15th May 2007, 06:47   comments (1)

ugh. no!

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I was out of town all last week. Seems that the drawers in my department haven't been touched in that long, either.

We have a big executive visit coming up on Wednesday.
15th May 2007, 06:24   comments (0)

Don Cherry

(viewed 317 times)
Hockey Night In Canada was something I grew up watching. I thought sports announcers were supposed to look like this!

This, however, is perhaps one of the worse I've seen Don Cherry wear.
15th May 2007, 00:15   comments (0)