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by jonasvonshane

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Every day that passes
Something new comes along
Something old fades away

Where do we stand
When the past is gone
And the future not yet here

'Tis but the present
in it, we but survive
The Daily Grind...

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Turkey is Cooking

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As stated previously, turkey is in the can.
Sit back & wait an hour.
10 lb turkey + 10 gallon metal can (NOTE - if you use a new can, it must be 'pre-burned' to remove the galvinzation (galvination process is toxic)) + 20 lbs charcoal - check in 1 hour, turkey should be done.
12th Jul 2006, 03:02   comments (3)

Turkey Breast

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Forgot to take a picture of cooked bird on stake....

got turkey off the stake, and into the house, at which point the spine broke separating the bird into 2 parts...
12th Jul 2006, 03:00   comments (1)


(viewed 538 times)
The lower half of the turkey
12th Jul 2006, 02:59   comments (6)

Best part...

(viewed 430 times)
Turkey leftovers
12th Jul 2006, 02:57   comments (0)


(viewed 569 times)
Riding in style
25th Jun 2006, 20:56   comments (0)


(viewed 422 times)
Cookie monster takes a ride.
25th Jun 2006, 20:53   comments (0)


(viewed 486 times)
5:30 am sunrise
20th Jun 2006, 13:34   comments (3)


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fog is obscuring what last year was a cornfield. haven't seen anything planted there this year.
5:20 am
30th May 2006, 10:19   comments (1)