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Got a new phone, decided to get a moblog to share all those snaps that just cannot wait for feedback from the wide world. Self-indulgence at its best... enjoy.

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Self-portrait #1 070709

(viewed 382 times)
Self-portrait #1, 070709
8th Jul 2009, 02:43   | tags:comments (0)

More climbing at the Glendale fireworks.

(viewed 353 times)
Jonah, the 12-year-old, attempting to scale the light pole as well.
6th Jul 2009, 17:27   comments (0)

Benji up a light pole.

(viewed 381 times)
Benji, my 14-year-old, climbing the light pole at the Denver JCC during Glendale's fireworks. He does this every year and can now shin up the light pole in under a minute.
6th Jul 2009, 17:23   comments (0)

Insulting millenials.

(viewed 736 times)
Seen outside Sam's No. 3, downtown Denver. Those are racks for The Onion and the Denver Daily News - hipster publications if ever there were.
6th Jul 2009, 16:29   comments (11)

Mmm donuts

(viewed 721 times)
The best doughnuts in Denver are at Sunlite Donuts at 2186 Evans. They're better than Lamar's and Krispy Kreme put together.
5th Jul 2009, 20:56   comments (0)

At dinner

(viewed 513 times)
Jonah threw a crayon at Miryam and this is what happened.
4th Jul 2009, 02:54   comments (3)

Memories of Hardy Street High

(viewed 323 times)
A tribute to my college days.
3rd Jul 2009, 09:23   comments (0)

Seen in the break room sink at work

(viewed 1043 times)
Um... just... wow.
1st Jul 2009, 22:39   | tags:,comments (0)