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Got a new phone, decided to get a moblog to share all those snaps that just cannot wait for feedback from the wide world. Self-indulgence at its best... enjoy.

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Double kitty snuggle

(viewed 494 times)
Cat claiming his property - the house teenagers
7th Jan 2010, 05:18   comments (0)


(viewed 494 times)
Portland drivers going 30mph on the interstate
29th Dec 2009, 23:24   comments (0)

Raging PDX blizzard!@1

(viewed 423 times)
Look at the cute Portland "snowstorm"!
29th Dec 2009, 22:47   comments (0)

30-year-old ornament

(viewed 433 times)
Ornament from my childhood, now residing on our housemate's Christmas tree
25th Dec 2009, 02:05   comments (0)

Inappropriate donut is inappropriate

(viewed 497 times)
The dev team brought donuts today. I got this one and will eat it ironically.
10th Dec 2009, 17:26   comments (0)

Kitteh pile

(viewed 442 times)
You'd never know they were trying to kill each other half an hour ago.
9th Dec 2009, 05:21   comments (0)

Still life with femme and kitty

(viewed 464 times)
Miryam and Inigo Montoya
9th Dec 2009, 02:44   comments (0)

Seen in the break room by the microwave

(viewed 713 times)
Displeased cow-orker is displeased
1st Dec 2009, 18:09   comments (0)