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Well once upon a time I worked in the film industry, but these days I seem to have a lot more fun designing Drupal sites, and the results are much quicker:) These are my favorite pics - with no real rhyme or reason

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Romans in Merida

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Absolutely awe inspiring to imagine what this must have looked like 2000 years ago
6th Sep 2010, 09:36   | tags:comments (0)

Rosacea Treatment Website

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For those of you who have watched me laboriously trying to photograph various models or composite fruit in photoshop, I have finally finished the website that was in build for the last few weeks. It is a beauty treatment website thet specialises in rosacea treatment.
It has been a fantastic journey and a great chance to combine photography, image manipulation and the internet. I hope you like it :)


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So tranquil!
9th Jun 2010, 20:17   | tags:,comments (0)

Beautiful Man

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Did I say the best part of my new job is getting to work with beautiful men (its not only women who want to stay young and beautiful). Occasionally the other beautiful men in my life get jealous, but hey guys you are all cute.
6th Jun 2010, 18:22   | tags:,comments (0)

You Are What You Eat

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'Keep it simple' they taught us at uni, so i thought the idea for healthy foods as part of a beauty campaign would be simple and easy. err no. I do now love this composition, but for the weeks it took to get it right, I truly fought, hated, and pleaded before being happy.
5th Jun 2010, 09:23   | tags:,,comments (1)

Rosacea Stopping Time

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This is Sheila using pulse light to keep josi looking ever youthful. I would love to tell you her age, but that of course would be rude.
A couple of people have asked 'does it work'? Rosacea treatment is one aspect of photo rejuvenation. The pulsed light is a very short concentrated flash of high energy light. It feels like being flicked with an elastic band. Permanently dilated vessels absorb the energy and are 'cooked', they are reabsorbed back into the body, leaving the complexion colour even rather than having red patches. The treatment can also be used to treat freckles and age spots.

The Machine

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This is the machine my beautician client uses to make her patients look younger. Something quite intense about a machine that can keep us forever young.
5th Jun 2010, 09:11   | tags:comments (0)

Tattoo Removal Beautiful People Composition

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These are two photo's taken for my client Sheila MacLean. She runs a beauty clinic in London and has a pulsed light machine for href='' >tattoo removal . I am very proud of theses photos. Everything from the reflections to the tattoos were added in photoshop. the man and woman have never met.
Both of the man and woman were ridiculously beautiful, but with the power of photoshop even more so : I even lightened the man's eyes to make them sparkle haha. Sadly you cannot see the girls face, but this was the composition that worked the best.
14th Mar 2010, 10:13   | tags:comments (1)