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(viewed 777 times)
new bowl cut... a la "i hate it" style

i never really like it when it gets cut, damn the under wire look
30th Mar 2007, 15:36   comments (4)

new mic/headphones

(viewed 661 times)
what the frick is my eye & mouth doing?
28th Mar 2007, 13:31   comments (5)

brittle teeth

(viewed 1079 times)
just wanted to complain, my back tooth chipped & i was eating crumbly bits of enamel with my breakfast... it's scary i have this sharp corner now off of my tooth...
26th Mar 2007, 09:48   comments (0)

cara in sydney

(viewed 707 times)
seeing the rest of the family

i.e her uncle & grandparents

i used to sleep on that blanket when i was a tad older the cara
25th Mar 2007, 21:07   comments (0)

mufty day

(viewed 984 times)
23rd Mar 2007, 13:45   comments (9)

office bunny

(viewed 752 times)
in winter attire

note the many, many layers... 5 to be exact
21st Mar 2007, 10:57   comments (2)

the cuban bar

(viewed 706 times)
in camden town
19th Mar 2007, 09:27   comments (0)

hot pink

(viewed 658 times)
19th Mar 2007, 09:03   comments (0)