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I want to bee free

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new bee, waiting for its wings to work.I watched it for ages, then it tried to fly off and landed upside down. I
put it right and left it to it.
28th Mar 2007, 12:40   comments (2)


(viewed 875 times)
These little tikes have grown soooo much
28th Mar 2007, 12:36   comments (4)

a special budget request

(viewed 830 times)
Our office have an event every budget. The mid afternoon is manic and the
boss asks for a photo shopped image for shock and a bit of a laugh at the
end of his presentation and speech which is planned for this evening.I do sometimes feel that he does like sailing a tad too close to the line.
He requested this so I made it.
21st Mar 2007, 14:49   comments (7)


(viewed 977 times)
in mega macro goodness. makes my mouth water, what about yours?
19th Mar 2007, 21:46   comments (1)


(viewed 1634 times)
and very beautiful they are too.Oh and before you all get worried they're not mine, they are my brothers
kids. Which is why they are beautiful and cute and wonderful and lovely and fun.

see here from day one to present:
twins gallery

19th Mar 2007, 16:48   | tags:,,comments (5)

a nose by any other name

(viewed 719 times)
would not be as much fun.
My work colleague and friend Robin.
16th Mar 2007, 09:40   comments (1)

floating melons sir?

(viewed 658 times)
levitation skills are high in this French market trader.
15th Mar 2007, 11:45   comments (1)

our house!

(viewed 733 times)
its all new and things.god damn I want a party. someone go and persuade the other half.

for now we have no neighbours, one side is still being finished off, the other side yet to be built.
14th Mar 2007, 17:33   comments (0)