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sea foam

(viewed 1174 times)

24th May 2004, 07:43   comments (2)

kite flying

(viewed 1083 times)
at the beach today, it was lovely.
and this is munkt0ns new kite, my kite was too heavy for the wind.
23rd May 2004, 20:05   comments (5)

a box

(viewed 970 times)
in the edge of the park near work. it was plain green for years. I think
this is an improvement.

23rd May 2004, 12:16   comments (5)

this hurts

(viewed 1302 times)
and I am very very very stupid for going out in the sun without sun cream

I will not do it again. and I do not like the pain.

17th May 2004, 18:56   comments (8)

journey home

(viewed 899 times)
yet another beautiful cat from my walk home.

he's ginger, he's fat

and he's cute.
17th May 2004, 18:55   comments (0)

in the wars

(viewed 982 times)
I spent too much time in the sun yesterday. and just now I scraped all the skin off my elbow.
Plus I have a bruise on the other elbow thats just going down.

I need to go home and pamper myself.
17th May 2004, 11:45   comments (3)

sand castles

(viewed 1365 times)
we went out to lowestoft yesterday for the afternoon, it was fun. we dug big holes and made some strange sand art.
17th May 2004, 11:44   comments (2)

its a tree!

(viewed 1155 times)
and really confusing to drive around.

it sits in the middle of a round about and constantly changes colour.
13th May 2004, 22:39   comments (4)