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the only duty free we could cary or have enough euros for after our holiday
for the weekend
29th Nov 2004, 19:56   comments (1)

cat beans

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I love his iccle fury cat beans.
28th Nov 2004, 15:31   comments (3)

health kick

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I'm going to eat all this fruit this week.
We have:
bananas, not shown.
pineapple, plums, apples, clemantines, pears, mangoes, lemons, limes,
strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries.

and that does not include the vast volume of veg I bought too. Who wants to
come and help me.
28th Nov 2004, 15:16   comments (1)


(viewed 836 times)
mmmm salted peanuts
27th Nov 2004, 01:15   comments (0)

lots of pooters!

(viewed 912 times)
I like using many at once, makes me feel useful.
27th Nov 2004, 00:15   comments (2)

bits of wells-next-the-sea

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I grew up here and I wanted some more of the little things about here that
made it so special.
The mud on the marshes
the effect the sea has on the metal boats and their equipment. Wells is
still a small fishing community.
a bumpy wall, lots of the old buildings are flint and finaly...
the mouth house with a boat in its mouth.
18th Nov 2004, 22:12   comments (3)

I mow my legs

(viewed 1169 times)
here you will see one leg has been done and one has not. I'm not that hairy,
I grew these for at least 6 weeks.
18th Nov 2004, 18:31   comments (5)


(viewed 752 times)
of rage.
14th Nov 2004, 22:13   comments (1)