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I bought a new wand as a christmas present for a friend. I got it on reduced because
it was a display item. The batteries were already inside but very low.
I cant get them out, i've tried superglue and selotape and tweezers and
punching holes in the battery...
I want it to work! its so pretty! I've got one out but there are still two more in there.
23rd Dec 2004, 20:17   comments (12)

music anyone

(viewed 787 times)
I just cant decide.
Plus this is on my works laptop, I would love to improve this collection but I cant add much more to this laptop.
21st Dec 2004, 09:27   comments (4)


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proving again that cats love shelves and chewing plants.
Take note, that wink is for all his lovely lady fans out there. He would
also like to add meowgrrrl, which roughly translates to "this ones for you
19th Dec 2004, 22:02   comments (9)

office tree

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I took my mini christmas tree in to the office so our cat could'nt eat it.
It now has bears and cows climbing up it.
14th Dec 2004, 23:07   comments (0)

sundays achievements

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cat corner is now back and working properly. Now we have the middle wall
mounted shelf erasmus can reach the top and stare down at us.

Also home made lemon tofu cheese cake. Yummy!

After the moblog quake here is a link to all my lost photies... maybe one day I will sort them all out.
12th Dec 2004, 20:46   comments (1)


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taking sneaky snaps of peoples front gardens.
11th Dec 2004, 18:12   comments (1)


(viewed 746 times)
behind burtons.
mighty cool.
8th Dec 2004, 21:17   comments (1)

car ice

(viewed 833 times)
one is a mini soft top roof and the other is the roof of my honda jazz
8th Dec 2004, 21:17   comments (0)