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iLiKETRAiNS (New Lens Test!)

First gig for the magazine and with my new lens and turned out pretty well!

The band were surprising good, great soundscapes of somewhat creepy music with projections of old murder stories and stuff on the back wall and they rather unsurprisingly asked us 'why does Norwich have so many churches?'

Nobody really seemed to know so a shout of 'cos we need God so much' sufficed.
8th Oct 2007, 10:06   comments (8)

New keyboard

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I enjoy new things. This is sooooo thin its unbelievable. Thank you Mr Ive :)

[EDIT] So much better than the shit nokia have lumbered my phone with as a 'camera' [/EDIT]
5th Oct 2007, 09:33   comments (3)

New lens :)

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Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 - To assist with my recent appointment as gig photographer extraordinairre for the Norwich publication, Outline.

My kit lens (18-70mm f/3.5) was too slow and obviously when wide open, not enough for the dim lighting of the arts centre. Hopefully this will prove a steal @ £70. Great for portrait photography too. Apparently.

First gig Friday, iLiKETRAiNS - anyone heard them? Any good? I've only heard of them.

Intro to Tom Waits by David Ford

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Also spent quite some time talking to Ford after the show trying to get to the bottom of which Tom Waits CD to buy first. It ended with him writing 9 albums on the setlist in no particular order. Glad we got to the bottom of that then.
17th Sep 2007, 10:08   | tags:comments (3)

Sweet dreams are met with derision

17th Sep 2007, 10:03   | tags:,comments (10)


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Wedding Photography?!?

I went from ?casual, few shots please? photographer to ?full-on wedding photographer? in the space of 3 hours a few weekends ago. Talk about pressure! I hardly had a clue because I?d never done anything like it before. I?d only had my D80 a few months are hardly felt competent enough shooting a bloody wedding!

Alas, there came the day and, 509 shots later, I was in business. My first wedding assignment was a success and everyone loved it. My g/f and I are thinking of starting a business ? she does the makeup (as she?s a makeup artist and did the bride?s make up) and I?ll do the photography!
13th Sep 2007, 16:31   comments (1)

Red Red, Ivy!

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12th Sep 2007, 15:32   comments (0)


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14th Aug 2007, 09:16   comments (4)